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  Counterfeit Bills in Buffalo

Photo by Ed Yourdon

Here’s the word: The Bills got off to a 3-0 start this season, and basically stiff-armed the “Suck for Luck” campaign. Since the hot start, they’ve managed only a meager 2-4 record. Why do I bring this up?

Yea you guessed it. They are counterfeits, not Bills, which are always authentic. Let’s reflect on their early season success, most notably against Ugg wearer Tom Brady and “I’m not getting the calls others do,” Michael Vick. The Bills collected eight interceptions and two defensive touchdowns against the Pats and Eagles. Not to mention the Bills first time beating Brady since 2003.

What has caused their recent collapse? It’s simple they aren’t getting enough takeaways, lousy on the road, and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick spiraled down since the new contract. Fitzpatrick has five interceptions with just two touchdowns in the past two games. The Counterfeits have given up the division lead and next week face a Miami Dolphins team on a impressive two game win streak.

Trivia: Who’s on the 20-dollar bill?

U.S. President Andrew Jackson.

Trivia: Who’s on the 22-dollar Bill?

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson.

This is only important because Fred Jackson can keep the Bills, from being truly deemed the Counterfeits. He has 917 rushing yards on the year. Sunday’s game he had 13 carries, week prior 18, that’s not enough touches for your best player. He needs the ball in some fashion for the success of the team. Jet cornerbacks pressed Bills receivers a week ago, not giving Fitzpatrick many options down field.  Jackson put up 4.6 yards a carry that Sunday. But Bills head coach insisted on throwing the ball 31 times to receivers that were incarcerated on Revis Island.

The Buffalo Counterfeits will not make the playoffs this year; finishing third in the AFC East will be the outcome. The city of Buffalo should look for the Jackson to try and freeze all accounts, and seize Counterfeit Bills. The man on the 22-dollar bill is the city only hope.



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