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  Devils @ Caps: My View from the Verizon Center in DC
For the first time I did a home and away. I got to see the Devils lose a game they should have won in Newark on Friday vs the Caps and drove down on Saturday. I had my 3 daughters with me (one goes to college there) and the game in DC was a birthday present for 2 of them.

We took the metro from her campus to the Verizon Center. $2 ride in a very well-organized and clean subway… about 20 minutes including a  train transfer.

Okay… Here’s what I saw..

Verizon Center:
Bright building with great site lines and seemingly many more lower level seats than in NJ.. only one row of luxury boxes, meaning better seating above the boxes. There were numerous restaurants in the arena and the food stands around the mezzanine really had character and themes (unlike the Generic City Grill in EWR).. many different kinds of food and lots of shops with Caps merchandise, people selling stuff all over… just a great atmosphere.. There are many video boards with stats that you can see from your seat. The PA address announcer was fantastic and made me realize how lame our guy is. Their mascot is an Eagle and the costume was really poor.. he looked more like a chicken..NJ Devil is way better.

The fans were great. Most dressed in Jerseys.. they are Ovechkin crazy there of course. The chanted at the same time (with chants and timing that only they knew) and there were really into the game.. and it was a complete sell-out… they rooted for their team but were extremely polite to me and my daughters. I sat 4 rows back in-between the blue line and the goal on the end the Devils attacked twice. We were the only Devils’ fans for 20 yards in every directions. Fans were helpful and courteous.. even direct us to the best place to sit for warm–ups to watch the Devils.

We were right against the glass to watch warm-ups… best Moments were Andy Greene who smiled at my daughter who was wearing his Jersey… Tedenby who gave 2 of them  a big tooth-less smile… I knew that look at my daughters.. time to open up a can of whoop-ass on him. And then there was Marty who skate right by and actually smiled  and nodded at us; I knew then he wasn’t playing in the game.. he was very relaxed… the best part of the Warm-up was Clarkson who nodded at me and them proceeded to shot the puck into the glass right at me 3 times during warm-ups and slammed the glass at me twice… he looked like a caged animal trying to get at something..lol… his pre-game intensity carried over into the game…more later on this.

The Game:
Well you all saw the game so I’l only add stuff you see from the glass…
Parise: You can see the frustration on his face… he is trying very hard but is squeezing that stick way to hard
Elias: You can see the fear in the other team when he has the puck.. almost a panic.. he plays hockey with his head up and looking far a head.
Salavdor: he had a heck of a game… very physical..really well-positioned
Fayne: Shadowing Ovechkin.. blocked shots every tome he could.. was very physical too
Carter: Great call Coach DeBoer.. he is way better than Pelley
Clarkson: For me the biggest surprise.. I have never been a fan of his..well I am now. He was truly intimidating… he smashed several Caps into the glass right in front of me and you could see how the Caps were avoiding him… his presence and intensity of course were rewarded in the end with the winning Shoot-Out Goal… Like DeBoer said.. guys that can fight, hit and score are hard to find and you are lucky when you have one.

The best part about all of this is my daughter has 4 more years in DC!



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