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  For Marian Gaborik, Rangers, Slate is Still Clean

Photo by Anna Enriquez

Coming into the series against the Capitals, emphasis was put on there being a clean slate for Marian Gaborik. After two games, the slate is still clean.

Gaborik’s combined stats for games 1 and 2? Eight shots. That’s it. He has no goals, no assists. Sure he has 5 hits (4 in game 1) and 1 blocked shot but the Rangers can get those stats out of someone else.

This is Gaborik’s time and he is not doing well. Neither is the rest of his team however. What hurt the Rangers towards the end of the season was their lack of scoring. That has carried over thus far into the post-season.

The Rangers had a good third period in game 2 in Washington but that energy and pressure needs to be consistent throughout the entire game. They’re going to need some magic at MSG.

But without energy and without pressure, the slate will remain clean for the Rangers, and they will have the opportunity to watch the NHL playoffs from the couch, like the rest of us.



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