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  Knicks Are Built For A Championship

Photo by Keith Allison

With the recent acquisition of Tyson Chandler, the Knicks are a legit NBA championship contender. They were a contender before the addition of Chandler, but now they have a serious chance to win it all.

Chandler will bring a lot to the table for this team. He will give the Knicks a physical presence down low and will take a lot of pressure off of Amare in terms of rebounding. Amare will now be able to hang around near the elbows and make a living off of that 15 foot jumper.

One of the most important facets that Chandler will bring to this team is experience and leadership. He knows what it takes to win an NBA championship. He should step right in and be the voice in the locker room, along with Amare and Carmelo.

Taking a look at the rest of the Eastern Conference and how the Knicks stack up to the other top tier teams: the Heat are the obvious favorites and will be the toughest to beat. The Celtics are old and their “Big 3″ seems to be coming to an end. That leaves the Knicks with possibly the number two spot in the East.

Carmelo is going to have a career year this season. He has to be tired of coming up short and tired of the spotlight shining on Lebron.  Amare will also have a breakout season. Much of weight has been taken off of his shoulders, and with the addition of Chandler, he won’t be relied on to score 25 points and bring down 10 boards per game.

The opening day matchup against the Celtics on Christmas day will be a great measuring stick for how good this team truly is. This team does not lack talent, however, if they have any aspirations of winning a championship, they must throw away all ego’s and play like a team.

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  1. Health is the key to this team. If they stay healthy this team can crack the Top-4 in the East.



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