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 Good Riddance Tim Tebow

After a huge sports weekend filled with nail-biting playoff basketball, the much anticipated NFL Draft and a full docket of Major League Baseball match-ups; the release of “ESPN darling” Tim Tebow has quickly overshadowed the world of sports.

Upon selecting Geno Smith with the 39th overall pick, the Jets had no intention of bringing six quarterbacks into OTA’s. After Jets General Manager John Idzik spent the weekend begging teams to give him something for the former Heisman trophy winner, he decided to cut ties. Tebow may have been more of an appetizing trade chip had he not come with the ESPN circus that followed him to Jets training camp last summer. As crazy as it may sound, Skip Bayless may be the reason Tim Tebow never dons an NFL jersey again.

Tim Tebow should be happy that he collected an NFL paycheck for as long as he did. Tebow is in no sense of the word an NFL quarterback. The Jets are moving away from the circus atmosphere that Woody Johnson usually likes to stir up around his team and focusing on winning football games. Idzik has been touted as a no nonsense businessman and all of his moves so far as general manager have echoed that sentiment.

As we look back on the Jets sending two draft picks to the Denver Broncos in exchange for the highly polarizing services of one Timothy Richard Tebow, it is clear that the move was one of the most ridiculous publicity stunts ever to be pulled in the history of New York Sports. And this is a town that has witnessed the abomination that was the “Mercury Mets.”

The old saying was true for the Jets last year: when you have two quarterbacks, you really have no quarterbacks. After supposedly developing a secretive wildcat package for the unconventional lefty, the Jets under-utilized Tebow and ultimately turned him into a laughing stock of the National Football League. It not only tore down whatever clout Tebow still held with NFL teams, it caused catastrophic damage to their once beloved franchise quarterback: Mark Sanchez.

As the Jets and their boy band of five quarterbacks move closer to the NFL season one question remains, who takes the snaps against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on September 8th..

 Sanchez Days in New York are Over

Monday night in Tennessee was the last straw for Mark Sanchez. Don’t expect the fourth-year quarterback to ever see a snap in a Jets uniform again. The Jets announced today that they will be looking to trade him this offseason. The Sanchez era is New York is finished.

It has just been a nightmare season for Sanchez. Monday night was the icing on the cake. Sanchez cost the Jets not only the game, but a chance at the playoffs. Rex Ryan gave him all the opportunities in the world week after week and he continued to let down his coach, his team, and the fans. Monday night’s loss all falls on the shoulders of Sanchez. It was a performance worse than any of his prior disasters. Sanchez threw for an embarrassing four interceptions and if that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t handle a snap in the final minute costing the Jets the game. Five turnovers, all on pitiful decisions made by a quarterback who has lost all confidence that he once had.

The quarterback who led the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games is long gone. His performance last season was bad. This season, it has been disgraceful. While he has had nowhere near the talent on offense that he did the past three seasons, his play has been brutal. He has made throwing decisions that you would see from a rookie, not a guy who has been in the league for four seasons. His 17 interceptions and seven fumbles lost this season say it all. 24 turnovers from your quarterback won’t get you to .500, let alone a spot in the playoffs. Sanchez has led the NFL in turnovers the last two seasons with an astounding 50.

Rex Ryan has finally made the decision to go with Greg McElroy at starting quarterback Sunday when the Jets return home to play the Chargers. The Jets will see what McElroy has and determine if he could be the answer at quarterback for the future. Clearly, the Jets aren’t very fond of Tim Tebow taking over as the starter as he still has not been given the chance. Tebow is now requesting to be released or traded as he deserves a shot somewhere else. This team brought in Tebow and didn’t use him. A guy who helped lead the Broncos to the playoffs last season deserves a shot to play and for some reason, the Jets felt Sanchez deserved it more.

Sanchez is due to make just over $8 million next season. The Jets will be looking to trade him this offseason. The question remains who will take over. Reports have said that the Jets are interested in Michael Vick and Vick would be willing to play for Gang Green if Sanchez is gone. There’s a very good chance that Vick will be the New York Jets starting quarterback next season.

So where will Sanchez go? Where will Tebow go? Will Vick be the Jets starter in 2013? Get ready for another dramatic Jets offseason folks.

 Jets on the Mark in Rout of Bills

Sunday at the Meadowlands was proof that the preseason just does not matter.

The Jets’ offense exploded for four touchdowns in the season opener this afternoon against the Bills. Gang Green crushed Buffalo, 48-28 in a wild game at MetLife Stadium. Mark Sanchez had a sparkling debut throwing for 266 yards and 3 touchdowns. Rookie Stephen Hill caught 5 passes for 89 yards to go with 2 touchdowns. Jeremy Kerley had a breakout performance with a 12 yard touchdown catch and a 68 yard punt return for a touchdown. Tim Tebow came in for the wildcat and carried the ball 5 times for 11 yards.

The Jets’ offense was in cruise control and their defense was absolutely dominant for the first 40 minutes of the game. After Sanchez made a poor throw that was intercepted on the Jets’ opening drive, it seemed like the “Te-Bow” chants were on the way. That would be the only mistake Sanchez would make all day. Darrelle Revis would intercept Ryan Fitzpatrick and it was all Jets from there.

Sanchez was spot-on with his passes all afternoon. It was something that Jets fans can definitely get used to. Hill, Kerley, and Santonio Holmes were his main targets on the day catching a combined 13 passes for 202 yards.

The ground and pound was successful as Shonn Greene carried the ball 27 times for 94 yards and a touchdown. Tebow came in as a tight end on the first offensive play of the game. He carried the ball for 11 yards. The run game complemented the pass game very well Sunday afternoon.  Expect to see Tebow get more wildcat carries and different packages as the season goes on.

Most importantly, the Jets’ secondary was very impressive for the most part. They were falling apart in the fourth quarter, but for the most part they held Fitzpatrick in check. They forced him into three interceptions with one of them being a pick six. Revis left the game with an injury, but is expected to be ready for next week.

It was an electric atmosphere at the Meadowlands Sunday. The crowd was ready for some football. The beginning of the season always brings new hope. Not one person out of the 79,088 people expected a 48-point performance from the Jets, which happens to be the most in franchise history in the season opener.

It was definitely a good performance by the offense, defense, and special teams, but there are definitely a lot of things the Jets need to work on. Their defense had trouble stopping C.J. Spiller and the running game allowing him to run for 169 yards and a touchdown. Also, the pass rush was awful for Gang Green. Fitzpatrick had all day to throw allowing him to get some of those late touchdowns. Pass rushing was the Jets’ weakness last season and could be this year. Look for Rex Ryan’s team to put some more pressure on the quarterback, especially next Sunday.

The Jets head to Pittsburgh to face the Steelers Sunday. Ben Roethlisberger should play, unless the birth of his child ends up happening Sunday. While the Jets still have a lot to work on, Sunday was a good sign and a good start. The offense can put up points and move the ball. The defense can stop the pass. Let’s see if Sanchez can go on the road to Pittsburgh and have a repeat performance of his brilliance in the 2012 season opener.

 Tebow Stealing the Show at Jets Camp
Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow seem to be the only topic of conversation when it comes to the New York Jets right now.

The two guys taking the snaps under center have become the center of attention on a daily basis thus far in training camp.  The New York media has fallen in love with Broadway Tebow and the so-called “controversy” at quarterback for the Jets.  Everyday, there seems to be a segment on SportsCenter updating The problem is that Gang Green’s issue does not come at that position.  The real concern right now should be who these two quarterbacks will be throwing to this season.

After Santonio Holmes, the Jets depth chart is fairly depleted in terms of proven, experienced wide receivers.  Antonio Cromartie’s controversial statement claiming himself to be the second best wide receiver on the team may actually be 100% correct.  The receivers behind Holmes consist of Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schilens, Patrick Turner, and rookie Stephen Hill.  Kerley is entering just his second season where he caught just 29 passes for 314 yards last season.  Schilens had 23 receptions for 272 yards with the Raiders last season.  Turner also did not do much in limited playing time last year catching 8 passes for 96 yards.  Hill, a rookie out of Georgia Tech, has a lot of upside and could play a major role in the Jets offense, but is still unproven.  Cromartie is definitely going to see some playing time on offense.  Having the stamina to play cornerback and come back out and play receiver is not easy though.  Gang Green also has Dustin Keller at tight end who will have a chance to have his best year becoming a huge part of the offense now.

There is not much to write home for Sanchez and Tebow there.  Everyone seems to be worried about who the quarterback will for this team and whether Tebow will take Sanchez’s job.  The Jets starting quarterback is Mark Sanchez.  That is not changing barring an awful start to the season.  Tebow will come in for the wildcat and certain package plays as well as help out on special teams.  This is Sanchez’s job to lose after signing an extension this offseason that brought his contract to a hefty 5 years and $58.25 million.

The Jets need to go out and get a wide receiver before they open the season September 9th at home against the Bills.  Chad Johnson is completely out of the question.  This team has enough distractions already with local and national media in Cortland every day.  A guy they could use is someone like Percy Harvin.  The Jets have been rumored to be interested in acquiring Harvin, but nothing appears imminent as of now.  The Vikings star wide out had an impressive year last season in Minnesota catching 87 passes for 976 yards to go with six touchdowns.  Harvin would completely change the Jets offense giving them a second deep threat to keep the defense from double covering Santonio Holmes.

This team needs another veteran wide out to complement Holmes and teach the younger receivers.  With an improved defense, but a suspect pass rush, the Jets are going to need some help from an offense that was not very explosive last year finishing 25th in the NFL in total yards a game.  The ground and pound will be in full effect this season, but Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, and Tim Tebow cannot carry an offense themselves.  Sanchez needs guys he can trust to get the ball to if he wants to improve on his 2011 season where he missed the playoffs for the first time in his three years in the NFL.

Rex Ryan’s team has a great defense, but not one that can win games by themselves.  On offense, losing Jeff Otah came as a blow to the offensive line after failing his physical and being sent back to the Panthers.  There are some question marks on the line that struggled last season.  The Jets will need good blockers if their ground and pound offense will be successful this season.  Jets management needs to bring in one more receiver if they want to get a slimmed down Rex Ryan a chance to coach his crew to make a playoff run.

 Jets Dig Up Old Creature, T-Rex

Tim Tebow; Photo by Jeffrey Beall

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is virtually the biggest and most feared dinosaur of all time.  Contrary to popular belief, studies show that the T-Rex is more of a scavenger than a predator, and it is taking MetLife Stadium by storm.

Who is T-Rex?

The trade for QB Tim Tebow to the Jets has formed one of the most feared player/coach tandems ever. The addition of the scavenging Tebow and loudmouth Rex Ryan form an unstoppable beast called, T-Rex!

The late game heroics from the former Denver Broncos QB were based on survival tactics. Tebow orchestrated a 95-yard game winning drive versus the Jets in week 11. When everyone thinks there is no hope … Tebow finds a way to get it done. The competitive spirit of the QB catches defenses off guard, motionless, not playing a full 60 minutes. He simply takes what is given to him, much like a scavenger does.

Ryan can arguably be deemed to have the most intimidating defense in the league. In the last three years Gang Green has ranked in the top five in total defensive yards per game (285), anchored by a man holding villains in cuffs on Revis Island. The loud mouth of Ryan is equal the roar of a T-Rex.

The dysfunctional locker room of the Jets will now be mellowed out with the spirit of Tebow. Thou, the controversy of the QB situation will heat-up, Tebow will bring camaraderie to the locker room that CB Darrelle Revis said is in “disarray.”

Why Tebow?

2011 Season Sanchez Tebow
Comp-Att 11-43 14-54
Yds/Att 7.6 8.8
TD-Int 3-6 3-1

Quarterback Mark Sanchez averaged 6.5 yards per pass attempt when throwing to WRs, last in league. The Jets averaged a measly 105.8 rushing yards per game last year, which raises concerns for an organization that likes to pound the football. Tebow spearheaded the leagues best rushing attack last year, averaging 5.4 yards per carry. Indefinitely, the rushing attack will improve. At the very least, Tebow-mania will be implemented on short yardage situations or as the wildcat centerpiece, which has been absent since Brad Smith departed to the Buffalo Bills.

“Tim is going to be a major contributor to our football team,” Ryan said in the interview. “With the Wildcat specifically, the great thing is you don’t know if we’re going to run it one snap a game or 20 snaps a game — you have no idea. Every week it could be different. That’s some of the preparation problems he gives you.

Also, Tebow is slightly better that Sanchez throwing over 20 yards.

Ryan’s defensive mentality took a bold move with the addition of Tebow. Ryan trusts his defense to win games, not Mark Sanchez. With Tebow now in the mix, the offense slows down and the defense has a better shot of being disruptive on drives, due to being fresh. Ryan will use Tebow to calm the game, and unleash his defense.

During the 2011 season, Tebow led the Denver Broncos to a Time of Possession of 31:14 compared to Sanchez’s 30:49. The difference of 25 seconds means the world to Ryan and his defense.

Will the confidence of Sanchez sputter during Tebow-mania? When will Tebow become first on the depth chart? These are questions that will be answered during the 2012 season, for now enjoy New York’s newest star.

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Some stats are provided by NFL.com and ESPN Stats and Info.

 Jets Give Sanchez Contract Extension

There will only be one Manning playing at MetLife Stadium under center next season.  Friday, the Jets extended Mark Sanchez’s contract bowing them out of the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.  The Jets added three years to the two years that were remaining on his contract.  The entire contract comes out to be 5 years, $58.25 million.  The deal includes $20.5 million in guarantees for 2012 and 2013.  The deal includes $40.5 million in “new” money and Sanchez can make another $10 million is escalators.  Sanchez will be making roughly two million dollars more than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers next season.  The contract ensures that Sanchez will be the Jets quarterback for at least a couple more seasons.

After two years where Sanchez took the Jets to consecutive AFC Championships, the former USC quarterback seemed to regress from his prior two years as the Jets missed the playoffs.  Sanchez lead the Jets to an 8-8 record and a collapse down the stretch where Gang Green lost their final three games to miss the playoffs.  Sanchez struggled mightily as the season winded down throwing seven interceptions in the final three games costing the Jets a playoff birth.  He threw for 26 touchdowns and 18 interceptions on the season.

Many Jets fans are banging their heads against a nearby wall right now, but its time that fans take a deep breath and give Sanchez a chance.  The guy did help lead the team to two consecutive AFC Championship games.  The deal also frees a little over six million dollars in cap room for the 2012 season.  The Jets can now make a move to get some help on the defensive line that saw nearly no pressure put on the quarterback last season.  Also, Sanchez will have a brand new playbook and a fresh start with a new offensive coordinator with Brian Schottenheimer no longer under the helm. Schottenheimer had times where he was very conservative making very questionable play cals.  He also called for Sanchez to throw 64 times against the Giants on Christmas Eve.

The deal might be more than what Sanchez deserves, but the Jets organization has all the confidence in Sanchez.  It is time that everyone stops pointing the finger at Sanchez for all the Jets mistakes.  The Jets were a dysfunctional team down the stretch last season that ended in a complete breakdown.  Sanchez is going to work to get better and get the Jets back to the playoffs once again.  Sanchez will be under center for at least a couple of more seasons and Jets fans need to understand that and accept that and show some confidence in a guy that nearly took his team to the Super Bowl.

 Deja Blue

It all looked so familiar.  The Giants were trailing the Patriots with the ball with just minutes remaining.  Eli Manning would have to lead an improbable drive down the field to get Big Blue a Vince Lombardi Trophy.  The underdog Giants would have to come from behind to defeat arguably the greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL, Tom Brady.  The Giants would have to prove all the nay-sayers wrong once again.  Sunday night, Patriots fans had that feeling of deja blue.

Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning would lead another magical drive down the field with the Giants trailing 17-15 and just 3:46 remaining.  The Giants scored a touchdown that was not as memorable as Plaxico Burress’s touchdown in Super Bowl 42, but one that left the same exact feeling in the stomach of Patriots fans.  Ahmad Bradshaw would run it into the endzone with 58 seconds on the clock to give the Giants the lead, 21-17.  The biggest play of the drive came on the very first play.  Pinned back at his own 12 yard line, Manning threw a gorgeous pass to Mario Manningham who made an incredible play to stay in bounds and make the catch at the 50 yard line to give the G-Men great field position.  The Patriots challenged the play and ended up losing a timeout that would have helped in their final drive in the last minute of the game.  The Manningham catch reminded many of the David Tyree catch in Super Bowl 42 off his helmet.  It was the big throw and catch that gave them life and kept the drive going.  The difference between this drive and the drive in Super Bowl 42 was that the Giants made it look much easier last night.  They did not have one third or fourth down on the drive.  The Patriots answer had no answer for Manning and the Giants offense.  Manning found Manningham and Nicks the entire drive wherever and whenever he wanted.  Eli was making passes in his brothers building that we would normally see his brother make.  His throws were as accurate as they could be finding every opening in the Patriots defense.  It was evident that the Pats defense was fatigued as the Giants were finding open receivers on every play.

The Patriots would get the ball back with 58 seconds left and a timeout at their own 20 needing a touchdown to win.  It would end up being too little too late for Bill Belichick’s team.  There would be another deja blue moment on the drive as Justin Tuck would send Brady down on a sack on 3rd and 10 that forced the Patriots to use their final timeout.  That had Giants fans thinking of the sack rookie Jay Alford put on Brady in Super Bowl 42 that would put the Pats away.  It all looked so familiar as the events unfolded.  It seemed to be destiny for the Giants who once again entered the playoffs at 9-7 and made a magical run to a Super Bowl Championship.

Tom Coughlin, the coach on the hot seat just weeks before the playoffs began will now be holding up another Vince Lombardi Trophy in the Canyon of Heroes in the greatest city in the world on Tuesday.  Eli Manning will be holding his second Super Bowl MVP trophy.  Millions of fans will be packed into the streets celebrating another Giants championship.  A team that looked to have the keys to be headed home in December will now be presented with the “Key to the City” Tuesday in what is set to be another memorable parade in New York.

 Staff Picks for Super Bowl XLVI

Here are the picks from some of our staff:

Mike Carver
Patriots 27 Giants 20
Belichick & Brady have had 4 years to think about Super Bowl XLII and will be razor sharp focused to pay the G-Men back.

Brandon Contes
Giants 27 Patriots 20
We’ll see more defense than people are expecting, take the under.

Rob Kowal
Giants 41 Patriots 17
Eli will dominate and the Giants front-four will ruin Tom Brady and the Patriots night.

Bill Donohue
Patriots 31 Giants 27
This is like watching a Phillies-Yankees World Series for me…torturous.

Derek Wasiak
Giants 34 Patriots 31 OT
The Giants will become the 1st 9-7 team (400 points allowed, 32nd ranked rushing offense) to win the Super Bowl. Why? They are healthy!

Greg Locke
Giants 27 Patriots 24
See-saw battle ending with a Tynes FG in the waning seconds. Manning MVP.

Adam Kern
Giants 27, Patriots 24
The G-Men’s defense is healthy and clicking, and Eli will lead the way in a tough-fought battle to claim another Super Bowl.

Cody Normand
Patriots 24 Giants 21
The game will come down to a last second Steven Gostkowski field goal to win the game for the Pats.

Ty Hardamon
Giants 31 Patriots 24
G-men will get it done!

Jake Brown
Giants 23 Patriots 20
Game winning field goal by Tynes will win it; Eli gets MVP.

Joe Gucciardo
Giants 27 Patriots 17
The Giants offense is much more explosive than it was four years ago, and Patriots are not even close to the their 18-1 team that same season.

Should be great game! Be sure to tune in to SPORTSTALK1240 after the game (airing from 9:00pm to 11:00pm this and every Sunday night!), and call us with your thoughts on the outcome. Remember, you can listen live online while watching WGBB’s studio webcam by simply linking to http://webcam.sportsradiony.com!

 Giants Need Big Effort to Stop Patriots

The New York Giants arrived in Indianapolis yesterday to get ready for the Super Bowl rematch against the New England Patriots. What to expect from Eli and company? Obviously, winning is the expectation, but to do that Eli is going to have to continue to play strong as he did against San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta, and Dallas.

The defense must continue to play strong as well. I don’t know if the Jets put confidence in the Giants, but the defense has played well ever since that week 16 New York rivalry game at the Meadowlands. The Giants defense is so confident that Safety Antrel Rolle predicted this week that his Giants would win the Super Bowl.

Tom Brady’s bunch will be in revenge mode to take back what happened in 2008. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said this week that his team “isn’t taking this as a revenge game.” Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork agreed that this isn’t a “revenge game.” I find that hard to believe, that is easy to say to the camera, I’m pretty sure that Tom Brady and Vince Wilfork are definitely going to play in revenge mode. How many times in sports does a team get to get revenge at playing that same team in their career for another championship?

The Patriots have two chips of revenge on their shoulders, the Giants beat them in the super bowl and the Giants beat them earlier this year on their home turf of Gillette Field. Tom Brady does not want Eli Manning to beat him again.

I compare this Super Bowl rematch to the 2011 NBA championship, when the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat matched up- a rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals. I’m pretty sure Mavericks Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki had a bit of revenge on their mind, because they were playing Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat. They had a chance to get that golden trophy in Miami and they did. For the Patriots, the teams have changed a bit, but you don’t forget what happened in 2008. I’m pretty sure Dirk Nowitzki didn’t forget 2006.

The New York Giants must take this game very carefully. It’s not easy to beat Tom Brady’s Patriots. Expect not only Tom Brady to give everything he’s got, you can count on the entire Patriots team to bring it. Can it be done? Yes. Will it be easy? That remains to be seen.

 The Book of Eli- The Ultimate Road Warrior
  Rematch isn't the word, Eli awaits his Legacy

Eli Manning in Shotgun Formation; Photo by Rajiv Patel

Finally we have a Manning playing in Lucas Oil Stadium.  Strangely, this Manning wears #10, not #18. Eli Manning has earned the right to play in Super Bowl XLIV, almost killing the discussion that he is the second Manning on the depth chart.

The late Giant run has been inspiring and exciting. Coach Tom Coughlin officially removed the Bunsen burner from his chair, and used it to illuminate his path to Canton, Ohio.

Victor Cruz has been nothing short from amazing. Simple as that! Undrafted, pulled up from the practice squad, only to allow the salsa dancing wide out to finish both third in receiving yards (1,536) and yards per reception this season (18.7).

Manning has showed that he no longer casts in the shadows of his older brother. Heck, he has done things nobody has, let alone is brother, since 1966. Manning has three straight games with 275 pass yards and multiple touchdowns in a single postseason.

This past Sunday, Manning set a record for road playoff wins by a quarterback. Manning stands at five, while bunkmate Mark Sanchez has four … who would have thought that huh?

“I knew there was a shot. We have talent on this team; we have guys who are committed to being good. It’s just a matter of, ‘Can we put it all together? Can we play our best football at the right time? And that’s just what’s happened,” Manning said Monday in an interview on ESPN New York 1050’s “The Michael Kay Show.”

The Giants are loaded with talent. They have three quality defensive ends, usually only two on the field at a time, but Justin Tuck has earned sacks as a defensive tackle. Wide out Hakeem Nicks has the hand size of Andre The Giant, which means he could catch a football with WD40 on his hands.

The Giants will win on February 5th. In the back of the mind of Manning holds the whispers from the epic 07 season. Critics uttered that it was luck for the Giants to stand with the Lombardi trophy. The respect was not given and I’m sure Manning remembers that. Pretty soon he will have defeated arguably the two best quarterbacks of the last decade, brother Peyton Manning and opponent Tom Brady on the same day on the road. What will people say then? He is the Ultimate Road Warrior?

 Super Bowl Rematch Brings Intrigue

What year is it? Is it 2008? The New York Giants and the New England Patriots are playing in the Super Bowl, so it must be 2008; wait that Super Bowl already happened! It’s 2012 and Giants/Patriots part two. There are a few tweaks this time around: the Patriots aren’t undefeated, David Tyree no longer plays with the Giants, Randy Moss is no longer with the Patriots, and Plaxico Burress plays for that other New York team.

The Giants are headed to the Super Bowl on a 5-game winning streak. They have defeated the Jets, Cowboys, Falcons, Packers, and 49ers. On this current path, the Giants defense has been tremendous. It all started against the Jets, when the Giants defense made it very difficult for Jets QB Mark Sanchez. Some Jets players criticized Mark Sanchez for his play in that game. They then played a depleted Cowboys team hanging on for dear life, and capitalized on every mistake the Cowboys made. They then shutout Matt Ryan’s pesky Falcons team, overthrew the defending champion Packers and made the final punch against a young talented 49ers team. They now need to do what many saw was unthinkable and finish off the Patriots as they did earlier in the season in Foxboro, and as they did in that unbelievable Super Bowl back in 2008.

Will this game against the Patriots be tough? You better believe it, Tom Brady is certainly no a fan of the Giants, who ruined Brady’s perfect 2007 season, and ruined his 20 game home win streak in Foxboro earlier this season. We know Brady’s Bunch will be in revenge mode and try to make it extremely tough for Eli Manning’s group. It seems that pressure doesn’t bother Eli Manning or the Giants. They squeaked into the playoffs on the regular season’s final day of football, they were heavy underdogs against both the Packers, and 49ers. They don’t panic, and never give up and they have the hearts of champions and will be looking to once again to disturb Tom Brady from getting another Super Bowl ring.

The Super Bowl will be played on Sunday, February 5th in Indianapolis. All will be on the line as America and the world will be watching at what many expect to be another classic Super Bowl Sunday.

 Feels Like ‘08 All Over Again
  Big Blue One Win Away from Super Bowl

No team is riding high like the New York football Giants are right now.  This team has all the confidence and motivation in the world.  They beat the Jets to stay alive in the playoff race.  They beat the Cowboys to win the NFC East and host a playoff home game.  They crushed the Falcons in the playoffs with their defense not giving up a point.  If that was not enough, they went into the frozen tundra in Green Bay Sunday and defeated the 15-1 Packers, who had one of the best regular seasons in the history of the NFL.

The Gmen are playing the best defense we have seen them play all year and they are doing it at the perfect time.  The offense is playing tremendous as Eli Manning continues to show the world that he is indeed an elite NFL quarterback.  Manning went out and beat Aaron Rodgers, the Super Bowl MVP and arguably the best quarterback this season.  Many thought it would be a close game, but the Giants had a dominant performance never trailing.  They went into the half with a 20-10 lead thanks to an unbelievable last second hail mary to the endzone from Manning to Hakeem Nicks for 37 yards.  The play helped send the Giants to the locker room with all the motivation they needed to get to San Francisco. They pulled away in the fourth quarter scoring two touchdowns and putting the game out of reach for the defending Super Bowl Champion Packers.

The Giants will now travel to San Francisco in the NFC Championship to play a 49ers team that has been surprising everyone with their defense, which has been one of the best in the league.  Alex Smith made a name for himself in the victory over the Saints leading not one, but two fourth quarter drives for touchdowns that helped the 49ers top Drew Brees and the Saints.  Coming into the year, all the talk was how Alex Smith has been a major bust and would never be a good quarterback.  All that talk has been put aside as Smith had a solid season and an unbelievable playoff performance.  The Giants lost earlier in the season at San Francisco in a very close game, 27-20 and looks for revenge Sunday night.  The last time the Giants played the 49ers in the playoffs, it was a game that all Giants fans want to forget.  The Giants blew a 38-14 lead in that game in the playoffs in 2003 and lost 39-38. It was one of the biggest collapses in football history.

This run that the Giants are on right now brings back the memories of the 2007-2008 Giants team.  Big Blue came into the playoffs with all the momentum they needed and went out and beat the Buccaneers, Cowboys, and Packers all on the road to get to the Super Bowl.  Giants fans are feeling nostalgic as one cannot help but look back at that team and their magical run ending with a Super Bowl win over the previously undefeated New England Patriots.  There is a chance we might just see Brady face off against Manning again come February.  If the Giants can contain Frank Gore and the 49ers rushing attack and play the defense we have seen in this playoff run so far, Tom Coughlin and the Giants might just be headed to Indianapolis to fight for another Vince Lombardi Trophy.




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