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 Linsational February for the Knicks
  Jeremy Lin Leading the Way

The month of February was outstanding for the New York Knicks. The team has found a point guard, and they are back to their winning ways. The Knicks were 8-15, when Jeremy Lin became the starting point guard. Carmelo Anthony had just been injured and A’mare Stoudemire left the team due to the death of his brother. Mike D’Antoni was on the verge of being fired when Lin stormed onto the scene and became the star the Knicks needed. The emergence of Lin has saved the Knicks season.

Since Jeremy Lin has become a starter, the Knicks have won 9 out of their last 12. There was a 7 game win streak during this current stretch as well. Lin had an amazing 38 point performance against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, as well as a 28 point and 14 assist game against the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. Lin has been averaging nearly 25 points and 9 assists a game during this stretch. It’s amazing what a great fit D’Antoni’s system is for Lin-  kind of reminiscent of when D’Antoni was coaching the Phoenix Suns, and we saw Steve Nash excel so greatly.

While Lin has been a sensation, there is much to be excited about with this team. The fact is that the New York Knicks are winning games playing team basketball. While the Knicks may not win the championship this year, the team has a young talented core along with a nice mix of veterans like veteran Tyson Chandler, A’mare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony to lead the way. Mike D’Antoni’s seems to finally have the right mix of players to excel in his system. If the team can continue to play defense, the Knicks should be championship contenders for years to come.

The playoffs start in April, and it will be interesting to see how the Knicks will play down the stretch. Will they have enough to win a playoff series? How far can they go? One thing is for sure, if Jeremy Lin continues to play at the his current level, the Knicks have a very strong chance.

 02/12/2012 – Charlie Ward

Charlie Ward

SPORTSTALK1240 host Brandon Contes welcomed former Florida State star quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and former New York Knick Charlie Ward to the program. Ward gives his opinion on the Knicks’ phenom Jeremy Lin and the “Linsanity” that has overtaken the league.  Ward, one of the greatest college quarterbacks ever, also discussed Tim Tebow and his transition to the NFL.

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 David Stern Latest Victim of Lin-Sanity

Can anyone escape “Lin-Sanity?” The man, who escaped the wrath of the L.A Lakers regime, could not escape Madison Square Garden’s new sensation: Jeremy Lin.

Commissioner David Stern was known as a bully several months back, but now he is the latest consumer of buying into Lin-Sanity.

On Tuesday Stern told USA Today “No” when asked if Lin would participate All-Star weekend. Under immense pressure from fans and analysts, Stern changed his mind. Typically, the Rising Stars Challenge is comprised of a total of 18 players. This year Stern made Lin and Miami Heat guard Norris Cole late additions. Since its inception in 1994, there have never been a total of 20 players playing in the game. Why now?


Lin has provided a spark to a dull NBA season. Early headlines consisted of the “Aging Boston Celtics”, “Disappointing L.A. Lakers” and “Injury Prone Superstars”. Now you see: “Super Lintindo”, “Linderella Story”, and “Just Lin Baby”.

The Super Bowl ended and media almost instantaneously shifted to Lin. He put a desperate franchise on his back in the #1 media capital in the nation. According to Madison Square Garden Network since Lin has become the starting point guard there has been a 109 percent increase in household ratings.

Stern had good reason to add Lin to All-Star Weekend festivities. Take a look at these “Lintastic” numers Lin has put up since coming to the Knicks:

  • Leads the NBA in points per play when going away from a screen on a pick and roll (1.57)
  • First player since the NBA/ABA merger to score 20-or-more points and have his team win, in his first five career starts.
  • Most points ever in his first five starts (137)
  • First Ivy League player to outscore Kobe Bryant as a starter (38 to 34)

NBA All-Star weekend festivities begin on February 26, 2012 in Orlando, FL. Lin was selected by Team Shaq and will accompany teammate Landry Fields and high-flying Blake Griffin with hopes to ousts Team Chuck.

Despite some questionable decisions made in the past by the commissioner, this one serves the purpose of excitement and happiness for everyone.

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 The New Look Knicks

Photo by DvYang

The Knicks have become an entirely different team than the team we saw just seven games ago when they were an abysmal 8-15.  They were a couple losses away from Mike D’Antoni being jobless, Jeremy Lin being cut, and Carmelo Anthony banging himself up even more.  The Knicks were being led by a banged up Anthony and a struggling Amare Stoudemire.  Two men were attempting to carry the team on their backs.  It just could not be done.  They needed a change.  That’s when the Knickerbockers would make a Lin-probable return to winning basketball and an excitement in New York that we have not seen since the days of Patrick Ewing, Allan Houston, and Latrell Sprewell.

The Knicks are now at .500 at 15-15 and in the thick of the playoff race securing the eight seed in the Eastern Conference right now.  Lin has helped lead the Knicks putting up unbelievable numbers.  Lin has scored at least 20 points in six of the seven games and has had at least seven assists in every game.  Three of the games he has recorded a double double.  Lin dropped 38 points against Kobe Bryant and the Lakers in front of a packed Madison Square Garden without Stoudemire and Anthony.  It has been a story that has gotten Lin several endorsement offers and the financial assets to move him off his brother’s couch and into his own place.  Lin has thrived even with all the attention he has received.  When everyone thought the Lin-sanity would take a halt for a game against the Raptors in Toronto, Lin scored six points in the final minute including a game winning three pointer with less than a second to go.

This story has been one of the most inspiring stories and one that has Knicks fans believing in a championship this season. Just today, the Knicks signed J.R. Smith hoping he can add some depth from the shooting guard position.  When Smith is on, he is an explosive scorer.  Him and Anthony played together in Denver as well.  The Knicks have a potential starting lineup of Jeremy Lin, J.R. Smith, Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudemire, and Tyson Chandler.  That is arguably the best lineup in the NBA.  The question is whether Anthony will be able to co-exist with Lin and the rest of the team.  Melo will have to do a lot more passing and less shooting.  This Knicks team has thrived moving the ball and getting everyone involved.  They have gotten great bench play from Steve Novak as well as Jared Jeffries and Bill Walker.  The team has played superb team basketball since Anthony has been out.  The Knicks need Anthony to return, be healthy, and move the ball with this new look team.  If this team can co-exist and continue their unselfish play, we might just see a deep playoff run and MSG rocking come late May for the first time in over a decade.

 Lin-sanity Stealing Headlines From The King and his Men
  Rangers and netminder Henrik Lundqvist Dominance Being Overshadowed

There is nothing “under the radar” about being in first place in the conference, having the inside track on the best record in the league and doing it with one of your sport’s leading candidates for MVP. Except, apparently, when the city in which you play is swept up in a basketball craze centered around the most unsung of heroes. These days, in New York, Lin-sanity trumps all.

But there’s a trend sweeping the hockey world that deserves more of this city’s attention: Lund-sanity, and the meteoric rise of the New York Rangers. The first-place, Eastern-Conference-leading, President’s-Trophy-chasing New York Rangers, led by netminder Henrik Lundqvist’s MVP-caliber year. Alright, maybe “Lund-sanity” doesn’t have the same ring. And sure, hockey isn’t at the top of everyone’s list in a city where the Yankees are king, the Knicks are in second and the football Giants are probably a close third. But it shouldn’t be about which sport is king. It should all be about The King – King Henrik Lundqvist, and his men.

Lin-sanity is incredible, inspirational and impressive. Lund-sanity is all that and more.

Nothing should be taken away from Jeremy Lin’s remarkable stretch, which has captivated a city and a country yearning for a Cinderella story in a sport where the rich get richer and those who fail to catch up are left in the wake. The sudden star has saved his coach’s job and a season headed in the wrong direction. But the Knicks, six-game winning streak and all, are still one game under .500 and in eighth place in the Eastern Conference. They are nine games behind the conference-leading Chicago Bulls.

The Rangers are tops in their conference, one point behind the league leading Detroit Red Wings and playing their best hockey of the season – maybe even their best hockey since June of 1994. While the Knicks needed a last-second three-point bucket to come from behind and defeat a cellar-dwelling team with a 9-21 record, the Rangers were on the road shutting out the defending Stanley Cup champions. The Knicks are barely hanging on to the final playoff spot. The Rangers – nine points ahead of second place in the conference – have a firm hold on the top one. It’s time for the sporting world, or at the very least the back pages, to take notice. The New York Rangers are without question, at the moment, the best team in this city. They might be the best team in their sport.

It’s starting to look like they might be the last one standing, too. And that success starts with Lundqvist. The Swedish netminder is playing at a level that has him at the forefront of the Vezina Trophy discussion. It’s earning him serious consideration for the Hart Trophy, too. Lundqvist is second in goals against average, first in save percentage and fourth in wins. Last night, he made 42 saves in the Rangers’ 3-0 win over the Boston Bruins, earning his league-leading seventh shutout. On a nightly basis, he is a rock in net, a steadying force for a team that has at times had trouble scoring goals, but almost never loses because the goaltender wasn’t on his game. He’s playing at a level previously unseen at the world’s most famous arena since Mike Richter donned the No. 35 jersey and played between the pipes for the Blueshirts.

King Henrik has been criticized in recent years for supposedly poor playoff performance. But that is due, in large part, to the fact that the Rangers have, for years, lacked the chemistry and continuity to be taken seriously in title discussions. Now, they have the pieces in front of him to make a run at the Stanley Cup.

So while Lundqvist is anchoring one of hockey’s best teams, the city is transfixed on the remarkable rise of a point guard trying to lead his team into the playoff picture. Sooner or later, New York needs to take notice of the Knicks’ Garden co-tenants. The ones that lead their league, the ones with one of their league’s best players. The spotlight deserves to shine on the ice, too.

 02/12/2012 – SPORTSTALK1240
  Guests included former Knick and FSU star Charlie Ward

Host Brandon Contes kicked off the show talking about the Giants Super Bowl victory the previous Sunday, before welcoming former Florida State star quarterback, Heisman Trophy winner and former New York Knick Charlie Ward to the program. Charlie spoke with Brandon about his career, and the current “Lin-Sanity” taking place throughout New York and the rest of the basketball world.

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 Who Needs Baron Davis When the Knicks Have Jeremy Lin?

Photo by Kimberly

Jeremy Lin is the talk of Madison Square Garden, Chinatown, New York Knick fans, and the NBA the past three games. Lin has become a top trending topic on Twitter regularly and the phrases #Linsanity and #Linning are now popular. People on YouTube also created a special Lin remix called “All I Do Is Win.”

As the Knicks struggled losing 11 of 13 games in a recent stretch coach Mike D’Antoni made a move that has saved the Knicks season from completely tanking and possibly his job. D’Antoni gave Lin a chance against the New Jersey Nets on February 4th at MSG. Lin played 36 minutes off the bench scoring 25 points with seven assists, five rebounds, and two steals. At that point it was uncertain if Lin was a one-hit wonder, but after the Giants won the Super Bowl the next day, coach D’Antoni named Lin the starter against the Utah Jazz at home. Some called the move desperate, but D’Antoni felt he struck lightning in a bottle.

Lin was indeed the jolt of energy the Knicks needed as he played 45 minutes, scored 28 points and dished out eight assists. After the game D’Antoni said, “I’m riding him like secretariat.” The comment drew laughs inside the press conference room, but Lin’s affect on this team was no joke. Lin finally gave D’Antoni the point guard he needed to run his offense effectively. D’Antoni said, “He has an attacking mentality, he can get in the paint and he is a point guard… he has an innate ability to see guys.” Even Utah Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin of the Jazz was impressed with Lin. Coach Corbin said, “You talk about that Lin kid… guys are feeding off him… he was splitting the pick-and-rolls which we don’t allow guys to do.”

Lin has earned the respect of his fellow teammates in the locker room who praised his work ethic. Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony said, “He (Lin) won the game for us,” after the Knicks beat the Nets at MSG when Lin came off the bench. After the victory against the Jazz forward Jared Jeffries said, “He’s the first one every day and he does his workouts with Kenny Atkinson and he deserves a lot of the credit right now on what he’s been able to do.” Knicks center Tyson Chandler also praised Lin and said, “He doesn’t get rattled out there. He plays with a different confidence than I have seen from young players like that. He understands what the coach wants and he does it out there.” Lin, a humble young man, shared the credit with his fellow teammates. Lin said, “Basketball is fun when you play on a team that wants to work together, work through tough times.”

On Wednesday, Lin took his game to a new level, both literally and figuratively, against the Washington Wizards. Lin carried the Knicks without their two superstars, Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony, to a victory. Lin scored 23 points, had 10 assists, and a crossed former top overall pick John Wall at the three-point line and took off halfway in the lane for a dunk that had the crowd buzzing at the Verizon Center.

The Knicks look like a basketball team again with Lin running the show. Lin has brought needed energy, sparked the team, and a winning swagger since getting quality minutes the past three games.

After getting cut by the Knicks in training camp a two years ago, getting cut by the Warriors and Rockets this year, Lin has found a home at the mecca of basketball, MSG. After a brief stint in the NBA Development League and his continued Christian faith in God, Lin has answered the prayers of Knicks fans and D’Antoni by filling the role of playmaker the team desperately needed.

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 For now, D’Antoni’s Job Saved by Harvard Graduate
  Lin-Sanity has begun, 48 minute workout edition.

Photo by Kimberly

Prior to the beginning of this NBA season, many raved how the Knicks would be a championship contender. The Knicks went 6-11 in the month of January, including, an overtime loss to the Denver Nuggets, the exact team they swapped players with to land mega-star Carmelo Anthony.  They also landed the top center inside the free agency pool in Tyson Chandler, who is fresh off propelling the Dallas Mavericks to a championship. Would the Knicks have the same luck?

To date the Knicks are below .500 standing at 11-15. With Mike D’Antoni job in a limbo, a drastic change was made to shake things up. February 4th, 2012 is when “Lin-Sanity” began.

The Harvard graduate Jeremy Lin made a name for himself by smashing a ton of Ivy League records, along with a 3.1 G.P.A. Undrafted, skipped around the league to the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets before the Knicks claimed Lin off waivers on December 27th, 2011. Lin was sent to the D-League, where he posted a triple double over his inferior competition.

Called up shortly after, the first American player in the NBA to be Chinese posted 25 points, five rebounds and seven assists in 36 minutes of action vs the Nets. Lin has surged the Knicks to three straight wins, while averaging 25 points and eight assists in those contests.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Lin is the first player since LeBron James in 2003 to score at least 20 points and hand out at least eight assists in his first two NBA starts.

Lin excels in the pick and roll with his deceptive speed and uncanny strength. Center Tyson Chandler has been the main beneficiary of the emergence of Lin. The last three games Chandler has averaged 17 points, four more points with Lin facilitating than Carmelo Anthony (13).

We don’t know if the experiment will last forever. However, the Knicks have edged opponents with missing Amar’e Stoudemire and Anthony in the lineup. D’ Antoni now has his team moving the ball and pressing the tempo. Lin is to thank for the recent success, actually, Lin is to thank for D’Antoni’s two-week job extension.




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