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 Sanchez Days in New York are Over

Monday night in Tennessee was the last straw for Mark Sanchez. Don’t expect the fourth-year quarterback to ever see a snap in a Jets uniform again. The Jets announced today that they will be looking to trade him this offseason. The Sanchez era is New York is finished.

It has just been a nightmare season for Sanchez. Monday night was the icing on the cake. Sanchez cost the Jets not only the game, but a chance at the playoffs. Rex Ryan gave him all the opportunities in the world week after week and he continued to let down his coach, his team, and the fans. Monday night’s loss all falls on the shoulders of Sanchez. It was a performance worse than any of his prior disasters. Sanchez threw for an embarrassing four interceptions and if that wasn’t enough, he couldn’t handle a snap in the final minute costing the Jets the game. Five turnovers, all on pitiful decisions made by a quarterback who has lost all confidence that he once had.

The quarterback who led the Jets to two straight AFC Championship games is long gone. His performance last season was bad. This season, it has been disgraceful. While he has had nowhere near the talent on offense that he did the past three seasons, his play has been brutal. He has made throwing decisions that you would see from a rookie, not a guy who has been in the league for four seasons. His 17 interceptions and seven fumbles lost this season say it all. 24 turnovers from your quarterback won’t get you to .500, let alone a spot in the playoffs. Sanchez has led the NFL in turnovers the last two seasons with an astounding 50.

Rex Ryan has finally made the decision to go with Greg McElroy at starting quarterback Sunday when the Jets return home to play the Chargers. The Jets will see what McElroy has and determine if he could be the answer at quarterback for the future. Clearly, the Jets aren’t very fond of Tim Tebow taking over as the starter as he still has not been given the chance. Tebow is now requesting to be released or traded as he deserves a shot somewhere else. This team brought in Tebow and didn’t use him. A guy who helped lead the Broncos to the playoffs last season deserves a shot to play and for some reason, the Jets felt Sanchez deserved it more.

Sanchez is due to make just over $8 million next season. The Jets will be looking to trade him this offseason. The question remains who will take over. Reports have said that the Jets are interested in Michael Vick and Vick would be willing to play for Gang Green if Sanchez is gone. There’s a very good chance that Vick will be the New York Jets starting quarterback next season.

So where will Sanchez go? Where will Tebow go? Will Vick be the Jets starter in 2013? Get ready for another dramatic Jets offseason folks.

 Tebow Stealing the Show at Jets Camp
Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow seem to be the only topic of conversation when it comes to the New York Jets right now.

The two guys taking the snaps under center have become the center of attention on a daily basis thus far in training camp.  The New York media has fallen in love with Broadway Tebow and the so-called “controversy” at quarterback for the Jets.  Everyday, there seems to be a segment on SportsCenter updating The problem is that Gang Green’s issue does not come at that position.  The real concern right now should be who these two quarterbacks will be throwing to this season.

After Santonio Holmes, the Jets depth chart is fairly depleted in terms of proven, experienced wide receivers.  Antonio Cromartie’s controversial statement claiming himself to be the second best wide receiver on the team may actually be 100% correct.  The receivers behind Holmes consist of Jeremy Kerley, Chaz Schilens, Patrick Turner, and rookie Stephen Hill.  Kerley is entering just his second season where he caught just 29 passes for 314 yards last season.  Schilens had 23 receptions for 272 yards with the Raiders last season.  Turner also did not do much in limited playing time last year catching 8 passes for 96 yards.  Hill, a rookie out of Georgia Tech, has a lot of upside and could play a major role in the Jets offense, but is still unproven.  Cromartie is definitely going to see some playing time on offense.  Having the stamina to play cornerback and come back out and play receiver is not easy though.  Gang Green also has Dustin Keller at tight end who will have a chance to have his best year becoming a huge part of the offense now.

There is not much to write home for Sanchez and Tebow there.  Everyone seems to be worried about who the quarterback will for this team and whether Tebow will take Sanchez’s job.  The Jets starting quarterback is Mark Sanchez.  That is not changing barring an awful start to the season.  Tebow will come in for the wildcat and certain package plays as well as help out on special teams.  This is Sanchez’s job to lose after signing an extension this offseason that brought his contract to a hefty 5 years and $58.25 million.

The Jets need to go out and get a wide receiver before they open the season September 9th at home against the Bills.  Chad Johnson is completely out of the question.  This team has enough distractions already with local and national media in Cortland every day.  A guy they could use is someone like Percy Harvin.  The Jets have been rumored to be interested in acquiring Harvin, but nothing appears imminent as of now.  The Vikings star wide out had an impressive year last season in Minnesota catching 87 passes for 976 yards to go with six touchdowns.  Harvin would completely change the Jets offense giving them a second deep threat to keep the defense from double covering Santonio Holmes.

This team needs another veteran wide out to complement Holmes and teach the younger receivers.  With an improved defense, but a suspect pass rush, the Jets are going to need some help from an offense that was not very explosive last year finishing 25th in the NFL in total yards a game.  The ground and pound will be in full effect this season, but Shonn Greene, Joe McKnight, and Tim Tebow cannot carry an offense themselves.  Sanchez needs guys he can trust to get the ball to if he wants to improve on his 2011 season where he missed the playoffs for the first time in his three years in the NFL.

Rex Ryan’s team has a great defense, but not one that can win games by themselves.  On offense, losing Jeff Otah came as a blow to the offensive line after failing his physical and being sent back to the Panthers.  There are some question marks on the line that struggled last season.  The Jets will need good blockers if their ground and pound offense will be successful this season.  Jets management needs to bring in one more receiver if they want to get a slimmed down Rex Ryan a chance to coach his crew to make a playoff run.

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 Black Monday; New York Edition
  Jets Ryan and Giants Coughlan Set to Coach Final Regular Season Game of the Season

In a New York minute the coaching carousel will begin, which means “Black Monday” is here. The obvious coaching changes will hit the: St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Indianapolis Colts.

But have we taken a close look into the backyard of lady liberty? Some haven’t pondered the idea, but is Jets head coach Rex Ryan safe? The one-year extension for Giant head coach Tom Coughlin, explained just that, one more year as the head coach.

Coughlin may just walk away even if the Giants clinch the NFC East. The Giants problems this season has not stemmed from coaching mistakes. Ranked dead last in rushing yards per game, and mental lapses late in games have hunted Eli Manning and company. Standing at 8-7 and playoff hopes in a limbo, the hot seat continues to find Coughlin. This could mark the third straight year of a playoff absence. Yet, the aging Coughlin could be fed up with hot seat musical chairs. I think so, count him out.

The loud mouth Jets head coach Rex Ryan job should be carefully reviewed. We know he can coach a team. But can he coach this Jets team? Critics raved about his spontaneous personality, saying this was a perfect hire to match New York sports scrutiny.

But are these things added pressure for his ball club. Ryan often makes “guarantees” that his mouth can’t cash. The belief that he has in his squad is commendable, wait, how do the players view their coach, or even live up to the odds of wining a super bowl every year. We have heard the war of words between quarterback Mark Sanchez and coach. The undisciplined Santonio Holmes continues to show his lack of maturity. As fierce, and demanding as a defensive mind Ryan is, it seems he isn’t that way with the relationship with his players.

These things may be far fetched, still, consider Rex getting the X, and homage being paid to Coughlin.

 Jets Playoff Hopes Take Shot
  Do They Deserve to Make Playoffs?

The Jets suffered their most pivotal loss of the season on Saturday against the Giants.  The Jets hopes for a playoff appearance took a huge hit as the Jets played a horrific game against a Giants team who needed a win to stay alive to make the playoffs.  The Jets face a situation that they did not want to be in.  They need a win and a lot of help to try and get in as the six seed in the AFC playoffs.

They will need to beat the Dolphins on the road and also need a loss by the Bengals, Titans, and either the Raiders or Broncos.  The Bengals face the Ravens at home.  The Ravens are playing to win their division as well as for the two seed and a bye in the first round of the playoffs.  The Bengals win and they are in.  The Titans will play on the road against the Texans.  The Texans have already clinched the three seed so they are virtually playing for nothing as they cannot move up or down from the three seed.  That may be where the Jets will have trouble.  The Titans are playing to get in the playoffs while the Texans will be resting their starters for the playoffs.  The Raiders will play the Chargers on the road.  The Chargers are eliminated from the playoffs and will be trying to play spoiler against the Raiders who need a win to have a chance to get in.  Struggling Tim Tebow and the Broncos will play the Chiefs at home.  Kyle Orton will get a chance to send home the quarterback that took his place in Denver.  The Chiefs are also eliminated and will try to play spoiler against a Broncos team who needs a win to clinch the AFC West and the four seed in the AFC playoffs.  Essentially, the Jets are going to need a lot of help to get in the playoffs this year.

Do the Jets really deserve to make it? Mark Sanchez has regressed as a quarterback this year and does not look to be the answer for the Jets.  Sanchez threw for just 258 yards on 59 attempts Saturday with two interceptions.  The Jets have been a team that relies on their running game and when Sanchez throws the ball that much, it is trouble for Gang Green. Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer has taken tough scrutiny from fans and media as he should.  Schottenheimer has been very poor with his playcalling this season.  Any time a quarterback like Mark Sanchez is throwing 59 times, you got to scratch your head and think what was he thinking? This team has three solid running backs in Shonn Greene, future hall of famer LaDainian Tomlinson, and up and coming running back and kick returner Joe McKnight.  Someone needs to tell Schottenheimer to run the ball a lot more than the Jets are doing.  It is inexcusable that the Jets threw nearly 60 times on Saturday.  The Jets answer might be to hire a new offensive coordinator and head in a different direction at quarterback.

The Jets have only beat one team over .500 this season which was back in week one when they beat the Cowboys coming from behind late to win.  All their other wins have come against teams under .500 and out of playoff contention.  Whenever the Jets have faced a tough test this season, they have come up short every time.  Coach Rex Ryan guaranteed again this year that this Jets team would be a Super Bowl team and now they face elimination this weekend.  Fans are starting to grow sick of what they are seeing.  A team with boat loads of talent has underachieved this entire season and their playoff hopes are hanging on a thread.  The Jets are going to need quite the miracle this weekend if they hope to play January football for the third straight season.  Jets fans will be Ravens, Texans, Chiefs, and Chargers fans as well this weekend.

 Put Up Or Shut Up Time For Rex Ryan And The Jets
  It's time for Rex Ryan to backup his "guarantees"


Photo by Marianne O'Leary

There is only one way to describe this week’s matchup against the Giants: it’s a must win game. Now you may say to yourself “well every game is a must win game,” but I will tell you that there hasn’t been a more important game for Rex Ryan, the Jets, and their fans since he took over as head coach.

From the moment Rex Ryan took over the reigns, he hasn’t stopped running his mouth and has guaranteed Super Bowl victories in each year. News flash Rex: actions speak louder than words.

In his third season, the Jets are on the verge of missing the playoffs, have finished second best in the AFC for the past two years, and have won zero Super Bowls. If the Jets end up losing this game, their chances of going to the playoffs get a little bit colder, and Rex Ryan’s seat gets a little bit hotter.

After what has been a subpar year for the Jets, Rex has been on the hot seat for a couple of weeks now and a loss to the Giants would have Jets fans in an uproar. Rex’s antics don’t seem to be affecting teams as much as they used to. In fact, it seems as if it is affecting his own team and doing the exact opposite of what he aims for.

Now it’s no secret that the Jets have been more successful than the Giants in the past couple of years and as much as the players are saying they aren’t looking at this game as a bragging rights game, they’re full of it. It doesn’t get much bigger than a Jets vs. Giants game with playoff implications on the line and the Jets have an opportunity to turn the tides and take one step closer to becoming New Yorks “team.”

I’m sure Rex is aware of this, but finishing second doesn’t settle well with New Yorkers. So if he has any hopes of keeping his job, all he has to do is win. No pressure though, Rex…

 Are Jets Fans Losing Faith in Sanchez?

Photo by cool13902008

For another season, the playoff spot is slipping away from the New York Jets. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk again – Mr. Rex Ryan. But no one seems to be putting the blame on the big guy; alll fingers are pointed towards Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has made shocking decisions, has bad time management and thrown some ill-timed interceptions in the past weeks. His work ethic always seems consistent, but it is not enough.

Shall it be football malpractice? On November 13th Sanchez killed a timeout with only 1:24 remaining against the New England Patriots. Then the Jets seemed strong against last week’s Denver Broncos, but ended up getting Tebow’d in the end. In the past three games Sanchez has only had two touchdowns and four interceptions. His completion rate is only 56.7 percent.

New York fans are tough. They are right by their team’s side when they are winning, but when they are losing they cut them no slack. Does anyone really know why the Jets are not performing at the level they should? Throwing Sanchez off the team bus at this point should not be a question. Just look at Eli Manning’s stats his first three years in the league; they are comparable to Sanchez’s record. Not to mention, Sanchez never got the chance to sit behind a senior QB, as Aaron Rogers did behind Brett Favre. He’s been fighting on the field from the beginning.

Rex Ryan during a press conference two weeks ago went on an air-muffling rant on all his injured players.

This week’s key injury is LaDainian Tomlinson. During the same game, LT had a late knee injury. It is looking like he will be on the injury list instead on the field against the Buffalo Bills.

In their first meeting with the Bills the Jets had a well-balanced attack on offense. Even though Sanchez overall completion rate has been low often, he connected for 71 percent of his passes against Buffalo. The Jets might just get lucky since the much-anticipated Bills have fallen off their winning wagon. The Jets can not afford another division loss. Already being 5-5, they need a 6-0 record to make the playoffs. If not they will be watching the playoffs far from the sidelines.

This weeks side note to the controversial Jets: Rex Ryan’s smack talk won’t likely be directed at the fans. We all heard you when you said you could afford the $75,000, but beware pedicures are expensive.

 Jets Down, Not Out

Photo by Daniel Spiess

The New York Jets playoff push will officially begin this Sunday when they host the Buffalo Bills at Metlife Stadium. After an embarrassing defeat against the New England Patriots and a not so surprising last minute loss against the Denver Broncos just three days later, the Jets are now riding a two game losing skid. But, despite the fact that the Jets are two wins behind the AFC East leading Patriots (three games back with head to head match ups), there is still a small amount of hope for Rex Ryan’s squad.

I have to admit I was one of the many frustrated Jets fans after the loss against the Broncos. Shortly after the game I called my father and insisted that he sell our tickets to this weeks game against the Buffalo Bills. I couldn’t get the “Same old Jets” thought out of my head and I was enraged with the way the season has gone so far. But, even having to get over two consecutive tough losses I am looking ahead. Despite the Jets owning a 5-5 record with just a game left in November to play, I did what any worried fan would do. I immediately took a look at the season standings.

Thanks to this week’s losses by the Bengals, Titans, and Bills the Jets are still are still very much alive. Aside from poor consecutive performances from Mark Sanchez and the rest of the offense, the Jets are only one win behind the final playoff spot in the AFC with six games left to play. Of those six games only one team (New York Giants) owns a winning record and the Jets will face them on December 24th. By then that game might not even be relevant in terms of playoff standings.

Coming up the Jets will host the Bills, Redskins, and Chiefs which are all beatable teams and defenses that individually give up more than 330 total yards per game. Also, of those three teams the Jets defense will go against a struggling Bills quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick, a rookie Chiefs quarterback, and who knows which underachieving quarterback will be the guy for Washington.

If the Jets want to prove to the league that they deserve to be playing football in February than they will have to do what they have done since Rex Ryan has been at the helm. They have to have a stellar second half of the season. Impossible? I think not, after all this is the script the Jets have written the past two seasons.

Just find a way to make the playoffs and playing the role of the underdog has been the game plan for the past two years, third times a charm. To those fans who are counting the Jets out, I say not yet. After all if the Jets beat Buffalo this weekend they can very well find themselves sitting as a sixth seed come Monday. Isn’t it funny how many football fans can change their minds after one game?

 Rex Ryan and the Jets Turbulent Flight

Photo by cool13902008

Coming off two straight AFC title game appearances the New York Jets were poised to take flight this season, but the fuel in their engine is running out for a flight to the playoffs. With Rex Ryan as the pilot, the Jets have gone through a turbulent flight thus far.

At 5-5 New York has been a streaky team. After a two-game winning streak to start the year the Jets were flying high, but then an unexpected loss to the Raiders, a blowout in Baltimore, and a loss to their archrival Patriots started the turbulence. With the Jets experiencing major turbulence Ryan took the Jets out of cruise control with three straight wins over the winless Dolphins (at the time), road weary Chargers, and slumping Bills. Feeling confident, Ryan put the Jets back in cruise control as New York was embarrassed at home by the Patriots, and left “Tebowing” to Tim Tebow after he rallied the Broncos by himself to a fourth quarter rally.

It’s time for co-pilots Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes to help Rex Ryan minimize the turbulence and land safely at the NFL playoff airport. In his third year as a quarterback pilot Sanchez hasn’t earned a shiny flight pin from Ryan. His completion percentage remains under 60% while committing costly turnovers that have killed long drives. Holmes, the $50 million man, hasn’t earned his paycheck this season. He’s on pace for career lows in yards and yards per catch after being paid to stretch the defense vertically.

The Jets head into Week 11 with an easy game on paper. The Bills put star running back Fred Jackson on injured reserve, quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick has struggled mightily since signing a contract extension, and the team is coming off three straight losses. This game is a cloud the Jets must pass through to get to clear blue skies and the NFL playoffs airport. It’s time for Ryan, Sanchez, and Holmes to take the Jets out of cruise control once again and pilot a direct flight to the playoffs without any more turbulence.

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 Tebow’s Magic Hands Jets Pivotal Loss

Photo by Jeffrey Beall

Tim Tebow might not have the greatest arm.  He may not be the most accurate passer. He might not be the most fundamental quarterback.  With that being said, Tebow does do one thing very well.  That is winning football games.

Trailing 13-10, the former star at the University of Florida led a magical drive down the field late in the fourth quarter to win the game, 17-13, and hand the Jets their second straight demoralizing loss.  Starting at their own five yard line with 5:54 remaining on the clock, Tebow led his best drive of his short NFL career to win the game for the Broncos.  Tebow, who has predominately ran himself or handed the ball off in the games he has started, was forced to throw more than usual on the drive and was extremely successful.  The drive would end with “Tebow magic.”  On a third down and four at the Jets 20 yard line, Tebow would have a miraculous run to the left side running 20 yards into the end zone with just 58 seconds left on the clock.  The defense came blitzing and Tebow read it perfectly scrambling to the left finding a hole and finding the end zone.  It was one of the best and most clutch plays seen all season.  The play put Denver on top, got them to 5-5 on the season, and gave them their third straight victory putting them right in the thick of the playoff race in the AFC West.  Since taking over for Kyle Orton as quarterback, Tebow is 4-1 in just his second NFL season.

The Jets really hurt themselves in this game.  There is a lot of fingers that could be pointed in this one, but it was a team effort and a very sloppy performance by the Jets in a game they should have won.  The Jets came out playing very poorly on offense in the first half.  It has been the same story all season for the Jets.  They come out of the tunnel and never have a great first half.  They have to play from behind put themselves in a position they should not have to be in.  There is not one specific finger to point for this.  The coaches have to do more to prepare the team early to come out of the gate firing.  In the Jets last four games they have three total points in the first quarter.  They cannot expect to be a playoff team if they cannot play four good quarters of football a game.  Mark Sanchez needs to come out making smarter throws as well.  Sanchez made a throw that should not have been made in the third quarter that was intercepted and returned for a touchdown.  Also, last night special teams play was very poor.  T.J. Conley punted a ball for a measly 13 yards.  It would lead to a field goal by the Broncos. Kicker Nick Folk missed two field goals as well.  That is a nine point swing that completely could have changed the outcome of this game.  All these mistakes costed the Jets an important football game not only for the standings, but for the Jets morale as well.

The Jets really needed to win this game and they came out with one of their worst performances we have seen this season.  In order to win, this team has got to play mistake free.  It starts with the coaches.  Rex Ryan has to prepare his team better than he did as well as all the other coaches.  Offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer has been questioned all year for his questionable play calling.  The Jets have been very conservative and predictable offensively this season.  A lot is going to need to change if the Jets want to get one of the two wild card spots in the AFC this year.  They are currently 5-5 with six games remaining.  They will return home next Sunday to face the Bills.  The Jets are in dire need of a victory as their playoff hopes start to slip away with each loss.

 Jets Suffer Crushing Loss to Pats

Photo by by Keith Allison

The Jets may be loaded with talent defensively, solid receivers, and a good running game, but they do not have the one man that can make the difference to put them over the edge. That man for the Patriots is Tom Brady.

The Jets came into Sunday night’s game against the Pats with a great opportunity to get a win and capture sole possession of first place.  The Jets were riding a three game win streak coming,  and playing at home where they were 4-0 on the season.  The Pats had come in losing two straight games and struggling defensively.  The Jets were looking for revenge for their 30-21 loss at New England in week 5.  The winner would stand alone in first place.

The Patriots handed the Jets a crushing loss, 37-16 to essentially take a two game lead in the AFC East.  They hold the tie breaker by defeating the Jets in both games this season.  The Jets had no way of stopping Brady, the three time Super Bowl champion.  The future hall of famer had an extraordinary amount of time in the pocket to throw the ball.  The Jets defensive line was atrocious in forcing Brady into any bad throws.  Brady’s offensive line was remarkable in allowing him all the time he needed to get it to his receivers.  The extra time allowed him to hit his tight ends alone for 12 receptions and 154 yards.  Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez were unstoppable down the middle of the field.  Pats receivers also had big games against a Jets secondary who is considered one of the best.  Wes Welker and Deion Branch had 104 yards and 11 receptions combined.  Even Chad Ochocinco, who has been ineffective this season had two catches for 65 yards.  The Jets had no problem stopping the rush.  They only allowed 60 rushing yards total.  Brady was just too good throwing for 329 yards to six different receivers.  The Jets had no answer for arguably the best quarterback in the league.

The turning point of the game came in the second quarter with around 1:20 to go in the half instead of letting the clock run down all the way then using a timeout, Sanchez called a timeout with plenty of time still on the play clock.  The Jets would score the touchdown on the next play, but they left the Patriots 1:20 on the clock and two timeouts to drive down the field.  Rex Ryan told NBC at the half it was “The stupidest thing in football history.” Clearly, Ryan was in fuming that Sanchez used a timeout with so much time remaining for a Patriots team that is known for their offensive capabilities.  The Patriots would end up scoring a touchdown with nine seconds left and go into the half with all the motivation in the world.

The Jets were outplayed and out-coached by Bill Belichick and the Patriots Sunday night.  This was a demoralizing loss for two reasons.  One being that the Patriots looked dominant in both games this season against the Jets.  The second being that the Patriots remaining schedule is one of the easiest in the NFL for the final seven weeks.  Of their seven remaining games, the only team above .500 that they play is the last game of the season at home against a Bills team that has lost three of their last four after starting 4-1.  The Jets will only play two more teams with a winning record as they face the Bills and Giants.  Five of the Jets last eight games will be on the road.  When asked if his team still had hope to win the division Ryan said, “It looks doubtful right now.”  The division seems to be a long shot for the Jets.  They will hope to get one of the two wild card spots in the playoffs.

The Jets will now have a short week as they hit the road to face the Broncos in Denver Thursday night.  Tim Tebow has had the Broncos playing well of late and still in the race in the AFC West. It is going to be a tough road for the Jets from here on out.  The key will be to come out strong Thursday night with no signs of a hangover effect from a pivotal loss Sunday night. The Jets will need to avoid any “Tebow magic” and head back home with a victory under their belt as they face Buffalo the following week at the Meadowlands.




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